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Re: Where did the Babylonians Disappear to????
Posted by Jumblat (Guest) - Tuesday, May 1 2007, 7:16:45 (CEST)
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Pancho wrote :

" If we reject the idea that "all" Assyrians were wiped off the face of the earth...why do we accept the fact that no one today claims to be a lineal descendant of the Babylonians? Assyria fell before Babylon did...why didn't they resurface? "


I am positive that here repeating myself that no nation in the Middle East disappeared, but all there they most likely assimilated in those nations that followed being Greeks, Romans, Arabs or Turks .

Those who were in the Fertile Crescent to name, the AssyriBabylonians, the Arameans, the Canaanites and the Eblaites most of them were assimilated in the above people and in particular the Arabs.

Except for a degree the Assyrians who preserved such assimilation, just imagine that Tikret, Samura , Hadetha and Mousul were majority Assyrians and Christians less than 500 years ago , but unfortunately they were Islamized and Arabized .

In a book by a MUSLIM fanatic woman who call herself the secretary of Saddam Hussein stated in her book that the family of Saddam Hussein is a Christian Nestorius that one of his great uncle killed himself because he was forced to be a Muslim.

So, most of those anceint people disappeared by adopting or were forced to adopt another religion and nationality , a case in point even in the last 30 years or so , the Middle Eastern government didn't let the Assyrians for example to teach their language or write their Assyrian nationality in a census !!


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