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Re: Why Can't Pancho be as Original as Maggie?
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Saturday, April 14 2007, 1:37:35 (CEST)
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Curious wrote:
>When was the last time that Pancho wrote something useful?
> I have been visiting this forum off and on for a long time but all I see are replies to scold people or a short article that reflects a vendetta of sorts from a previous disagreements.
> Is it any wonder that he talks to himself all day long on this forum?
> Consider this to be a pity gesture on my part.
> Screw you too, you dud-head.

...what you need to realize is that while the other forums have "conversations" that go something like, "I love you too khon"....we have an OPEN FORUM..that means people can write whatever they want...whatever they are thinking about, assuming they are thinking at all...and it scares them...look at you with your curious name...and you are, no doubt, another "brave" Assyrian wannabe. People are afraid because no one protects anyone here...and the Assyrians you know are cowards one and all...that`s why they`re ten thousand miles away trying to dictate to those on the ground in Iraq....for this reason and because the majority of them are barbarians where it comes to the English language, you won`t see many conversations here...but people, even you, do come to read...of course there are repititions...but that`s because you people have been repeating the same nonsense for`s just that this time there`s a place that can shut you up...mostly by forcing you all to go into hiding...

yet more people READ here than read at the other places which I mean beth and mesopotatoes...I`d even venture to guess we have more than Zindalite, but never mind, this isn`t a popularity contest...the point is that these things need to be said, over and over...they need to be sent out into the internet to counter the proliferation of idiotic posts and demandses and prooves of Aprim and the rest of them make....that way people who stumble across us can read and decide for themselves...and that`s all we ask...that people think for themselves after weighing different points of view....


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