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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, September 24 2017, 15:35:59 (UTC)
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",,if media outlets and Bill Maher, allowed "free speech" on THEIR platforms, we might have a matter of principle to ponder...but they don't. Media has regularly fired reporters who don't toe the corporate line....Maher never again invited Rula Jabreel on his show after she gave a fair assessment of what Israel does...and Ann Coulter is a plain where's the tragic "loss" to college students if these people stay on their turf and allow students a few years of hate-free "lectures" they will soon enough be swamped by when they graduate."

-- I think what's been happening is that in the last few years, Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), Black Lives Matter (BLM), LGBTQIA and Latino student groups, etc., have been gaining momentum on college campuses; and therefore, Hillel students(pro-Israel) have been feeling threatened (boo-hoo), since they've been losing ground. And also, white neo-Nazis (so-called "alt-Right") and Men's Rights Groups (yeah, them poor privileged white men) have been promoting that there is a "white ethnic cleansing" taking place.... and with the "Shonda for the Goyim", which is what clear-thinking Jews are calling Stephen Miller (author of the Muslim Ban and war against Iran), and Bibi's son, whose become a hero for the neo-Nazis (a "Shonda") for barking that Antifa are more dangerous than the neo-Nazis (because Antifa advocates for Black and Muslim and LGBTQIA rights); in addition to, posting an anti-Semitic portrayal straight out of the "Protocols" of George Soros (billionaire who supports progressive groups like SJP, BLM, and so on), that the right wing Jews, and far-right Nazis are playing footsie because Equal Rights frightens them. Add to this group of dick-less haters an Iranian Aryan supremacist named, Dr. Jason Reza Jorjani, (currently room-mates with Nazi Richard Spencer) who was caught on camera talking about the need for concentration camps... that pencil-neck, pencil-dick Iranian (okay, his mother is white), but he speaks Persian, his father is Iranian, and he can't get rid of his middle name, Reza, which in Iranian names is usually Ali-Reza in full, not "Jason-Reza"... or maybe his real name is Hasan ("Jason")... who knows. Fuck him! So, yeah... as Reza Jorjani said on camera, the far-Right are using the same methods of the Left... because the Right has no ideas of their own, except for forcing people into lines, into cattle cars, and into concentration camps, as Reza boldy stated on camera. In a few weeks, or months, I wouldn't doubt it if Maher brought Reza the Persian Nazi on his show, introducing him as "one of the good ones".


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