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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, September 24 2017, 19:45:56 (UTC)
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" we mean that we have to wait, and wait, and wait some more, turn and turn the cheek, allow and allow and turn a blind/liberal eye to the dangers, once again, growing around us, until we suffer an actual attack before we are justified in fighting back?"

-- The dangers have been all around us and growing. Heather Heyer's murder was a big deal because she was a white woman---although I praise her for standing up against hate. But the victims of Chapel Hill were rarely mentioned and their murders were never considered a hate crime, as it should have been, because they were Muslim. The Tulsa man (also Middle Eastern) was shot to death in front of his home by a neighbor who had previously ran over his mother with his car (car=weapon) and continuously called the family "dirty Arabs". If you're white or Jewish and a killed by another white person, then we must have a national debate about Hate. But if you're Muslim, then what?... It's karma? You were asking for it? Or that you are an untermensch from a lower, primitive civilization? That's more or less what Maher keeps pounding on his platform. I'd love to see Norman Finkelstein on Maher's show... ripping into his hoity-toity ass! Finkelstein "the ultimate Mensch" just did an overnight sleepover in jail, because a couple of Jewish lawyers ("blood-sucking vultures", as he puts it) are fuckin' over one of his former students from Guyana, a doctor, in a divorce proceeding:


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