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Posted by Taoro (Guest) - Saturday, August 24 2013, 22:45:13 (UTC)
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Marcello im sorry to say that we now past the jonny black phase and only drink jonny blue as if we know the diffrirence in taste between that and other stuff. And if its art we are talking about i cant say anythinting that disagrees with you from day one i suggested that pinky should make a statue of a taoro because i like his art. But if you are saying he is the only one that suffered than suffering is just as he say it is EASY for an assyrian.

Pinky you are talking about art i showed you people that gives there work of art for free dont change the subject, im not talking about sajfo om showing you art and artists no diffrent from you and yours thy put down there hours and carved there vision in to stone if you dont like the outcome thats another matter but they did it freely and proudly for there people.


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