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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, April 22 2007, 0:43:19 (CEST)
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Jumblat wrote:
>Pancho wrote :
>" Judea was a province, or what you will, of ROME at the time of Jesus, not Syria...why wasn't Jesus Roman then. "
>Mr. smarto, the Romans were occupiers , and yes Syria was a Roman province, but people of Syria can't be ROMANS, are you British ? because you born in Iraq which was a British colony? If you accept that , then yes JESUS was a Roman!

...what a mess you are...I said by your locgic...oh never mind.
>Furthermore, the ROMANS themselves called the area as SYRIA or the Greater Syria as it is known today according to the historians of today !

>I told you , it is better to open your mind and don't obey to your hallucination, because you are living in hallucination .



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