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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Monday, October 13 2014, 1:30:44 (UTC)
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That is a very astute observation. I thought for sure our government trained and funded them, but I hadn't considered the mercenaries that we've been using to actually be the ISIS fighters.

pancho wrote:
>...where is Blackwater, now "Z"? Where did those 150,000 employees go to? Did they all retire? Where are all their weapons stored? Does our government still pay them? What were they for anyway?
>And...why do all videos of ISIS show a rag tag bunch of men in black pajamas...with rather simple weaponry....and why do they cover their faces? Who are they afraid of, if they rule that region, if they're so terrible?
>Never in history has any Muslim group simply marauded among its own people and destroyed its own is unheard of. They act more like Western Christians than any Muslims we've ever seen.


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