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Posted by Jumblat (Guest) - Friday, April 27 2007, 21:07:45 (CEST)
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Pancho :

Let me address you and your Dr. John Joseph these simple questions:

> For God's sake why Dr. Joseph is suspicious of our Assyrianism as long as we are living in ASSYRIA up to the WWI
? While he never saw that in current Israelis who were scattered over 2000 years to claim their ethnicity without a problem with our/ your professor Joseph ?

> Why Dr. Joseph is joining all those being Arabs or Jews who are working hard to discredit the Assyrian people who think of themselves - because there is no nation other than ASSYRIA nation to claim- Assyrians , while he is silence about others , keep in mind that there is no nation pure on the globe ?

> What kind of education Dr. Joseph earned that couldn't understand our unique situation or as it was the other Middle Eastern countries and people who were before the EMERGE of nationalism that were seeing themselves Christians, JEWS or Muslims more than their ethnicity ?

> What kind of education Dr.Joseph earned, that he couldn't investigate our Christian fathers in spite of their CHRISTIANITY they saw themselves proud ASSYRIANS and called ASSYRIA by a nick name ' the centre of knowledge ' I am sure they called its existed people and not the mountains, plains and rocks ?

Finally, yes in the turn of the 19th century keep in mind that over 99% were illiterate Assyrian people, in spite there were all kind of books to be read which shows with pride our ASSYRIAN ISM, in addition these people were living in ASSYRIA and not in Arabia, Africa or far East. Furthermore, I remember one time Dr. Joseph made a comment that nowadays ASSYRIANS used UN ASSYRIAN names, YES to a degree most of their names are BIBLICAL NAMES and that shows how devoted religious people were, BUT remember that even today are hundreds of ASSYRIAN names are purely Assyrians just to name, BETO, KHAMO , DAMMO and NEMO .
If Dr.Joseph thinks , because of usage foreign names, THEN we are not ASSYRIANS, could DR.JOSEPH tell us what NATIONALITY he is - by using ' JOHN JOSEPH ' it is interesting to know.
And lastly, I advice Dr.Joseph to stop this absurd thinking with due respect and let him think more wisely, the BRITONS were not dumps to call us Assyrians too, because they saw that we are living in ASSYRIA, our dress and many things are connecting with our ancient ancestors more that to be connected with the Israeli propaganda try to suggest and use Dr.Joseph to implement their awkward policies . VIVA ASSYRIA !!!


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