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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, October 17 2017, 1:17:11 (UTC)
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"If anyone needs self-defense in the form of weapons it is Blacks, not whites. Yet even though one can legally carry concealed weapons, it is instant death for a Black man to do so. Instead of his gun being used to defend himself with against whites, it becomes the best "proof" of the FEAR whites feel, "Look,he's armed, why WOULD he be???" Black man was recently shot and killed when it was discovered that he had a concealed hand gun AND a license to carry it...never mind. The white cop saw a Black man with a gun and he felt FEAR...a fear born of racism, nothing less."

-- Was it not Reagan when he was governor of California (and I'm assuming a 2nd Amendment advocate) who changed the California law for open-carry when members of the Black Panther Party entered the Sacramento State House with their guns out in the open?


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