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Re: two stabbed dead in Portland
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, May 29 2017, 23:25:25 (UTC)
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Totally on point! A clip I posted here a few months ago from a gathering in London in 1967, The Dialectics of Liberation: The Anatomy of Violence, had various individuals like Paul Goodman, Herbert Marcuse, Stokely Carmichael, Allen Ginsberg, etc..., talking about things such as violence, revolution, and so on... Paul Goodman made the point that when Blacks are in the streets protesting, most whites just look away, as if to say "so what... what do they want, now?"... But when the Hippies, the white children of the establishment do so, the cops attack them, beat them (yes, they also beat and kill Blacks), but with the white kids, it's a different reaction. Give it another look, again...

Anatomy of Violence


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