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Screws-Loose Shlimon praises Dunderhead Aprim....
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, July 16 2007, 21:33:49 (CEST)
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...and I comment:

It is not Islam that is destroying is Christianity...Christian nations with their bloodthirsty religion and terror weapons of mass destruction and hired mercenaries that are killing it...or haven't you noticed?

And I don't mean 70 years ago, in Semele...or 400 years ago...or even 100 years ago...I mean TODAY and right now. It is Christians who attacked Iraq...there was not a single Iraqi among the people who brought down the twin towers...not one. The people of Iraq, Muslim and Christian, are defending themselves from attack and illegal occupation...and any Christians being singled out are being punished for collaboration with the enemy, another word and concept you don't understand...and this is common practice everywhere in the world..if you help the people invading your country, in any way, you are a fit subject for summary execution...there is nothing "cruel" or even shocking in for priests and nuns...they are understandably viewed as any "radical" cleric in the West is if he expresses ANY sympathy with the Muslim people's struggle for justice and decency....

Historically...(you know, "history"?), the vast majority of the Nestorians welcomed the invading Arabs as liberators from the cruelty and rapacity of the Christian Romans...and many fought alongside. The Christians were allowed to go their separate ways under the one was imprisoned or murdered for believing one version of Christ or fact the Arabs SAVED all of your sects...where the Christian armies would have destroyed you as heretics.

Later Christians, and pagans, converted to Islam because it was a better religion for them...especially since it was the religion of the ruling party...just as Christians converted from orthodoxy to Protestantism, or vice versa, when it suited THEM better...there isn't a single instance, not one, of any Muslims forcibly converting Christians..not one...neither is there any instance of Christians being killed JUST for their religion.

I challenged you to bring us an example..and you came up with Homs, which became Hims...but you remember what happened your own admission those Christians were slain for "rebellion"...something the ancient Assyrians also did with did also, no Christian was ever killed FOR his religion, for Islam has always respected Jesus and his mother....Christians were punished for what they DID...does anyone fault America for putting "Christians" in prisons and executing "Christians"...or do they put CRIMINALS in prison and in the electic chair for what they DID...never mind their religion?

You are spreading the same hatred and lies against Islam that your Nazi brethren did against the Jews. That's because you have the same are driven by irrational hatred for Islam, not "love" for anyone.

Had any Muslim nation done to a Christian nation what American is doing to Iraq you all would have been crying and swearing and "telling the world"...but since Christians are the enemy of BetNahrain and Christians are murdering those good cheer long and loud...and I thank you.


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