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Sedition in Spain and Assyria
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, December 5 2017, 16:26:24 (UTC)
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A handful of officials are still in Spanish jail for conducting the independence vote in Catalonia...why are they in jail? Because they are charged with sedition....that's right, the word and concept our nationalists just can't understand...the Catalans too were just "voting for our rights"...but you can't do that when your "rights" are in conflict with the government...and, just to be clear, if you do that in time of war, it's called treason, for which you can be executed...

Certainly you can fight for your rights and take your chances, George Washington did, and he won....but, had he been captured by the Brits they would have, legally, hanged him from the nearest tree, with no trial no due process because rebels are always treated that way by can fight, but you can't "beg" and expect to be accommodated.

Our nationalists, in Iraq, were not jailed or hanged for "demanding our rights"...they were prosecuted under a Law of sedition which is the case in every country on earth,,,in America, in Spain and in Iraq...they were not PERsecuted for their "beliefs"...they were PROsecuted for their ACTIONS.


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