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Shamiram Monument Rejected for Second Time by University....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 24 2017, 17:34:16 (UTC)
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...four years ago, after initially welcoming our monument, CalState University at Stanislaus, Turlock, changed its mind and withdrew the acceptance.

..we tried again just recently, now that they have a new president, and once again we were welcomed and given a most lovely site and even set a date for the unveiling...and then the University cancelled again, this time citing the "atmosphere" Trump has brought in with can read their letters to us on my Facebook page...sigh.

..two comments in response tried to make the case that Trump was right, that once you start taking down Confederate statues, you will take down others, or refuse to install them, like Shamiram was just denied, again.

..this is a silly argument and your first clue is that it is put forward by people who like Trumpism.

...It's true, both Thomas Jefferson and Robert E Lee owned slaves. But Jefferson helped give birth to the United States while Lee tried to kill it. We can forgive both of them, as well as others who owned slaves at the time because it was at THAT time....but Lee was a traitor, and that we don't forgive and that includes "honoring" his legacy...this legacy came as a result of declaring war against the United States resulting in 600,000 murdered Americans...not even the Nazis or Japanese killed that many Americans.

..people have a problem seeing the difference between Jefferson and a traitor, like Lee?

Taking down statues of traitors to the United States has nothing to do with we pointed out to the University, this is a queen from 3000 years ago....who could object? To which one administrator actually said.."What if some Ottoman Turks object"? Object to what?...there were no Ottomans back then.


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