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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 20 2018, 19:20:34 (UTC)
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Seems to me this site has served its purpose and can now shut down.

Some 15 years ago Jeffrey, Rashad, Tiglath, yoors trooly and a few others got tired of being banned from Assyrian forums and started this one of our own. We used the Assyrian self-banning system and it worked marvelously well. People came to argue with us at first then one by one they took themselves away...we didn't have to alter their posts or ban them or install passwords...why would we? We had nothing to be afraid of having simple truth and history on our side. On the other side was cheap propaganda using false or misleading stuff but, mostly opinion and not very informed opinion at that.

The last few years have been quiet at the other forums...even the usual calls for "You OWE us a country".....and "We are the children of Ashurbanipal" and "Iraq is really Assyria and all that oil belongs to us"....have disappeared from other Assyrian forums. People still whine and beg and make empty threats or promises but it seems it's finally dawned into these nationalist numbskull brains that the United States or Britain or any other foreign Christian nation is not going to "save us"... quite the contrary, they will continue to use us, when it suits them, and like all people do who need toilet paper to wipe with, they will throw us way when one "saves" used toilet paper no matter how necessary and helpful it once may have been.

Still, I have no doubt that if in 100 years the Germans or French or maybe even the USA again create cause to attack Iraq some future Assyrian lunkhead will not once again raise "hopes" by stating with conviction, of course, "Surely THIS TIME they will save us".

They won't. People save themselves or they aren't worth saving.

I think we can shut this place down. We did what we set out to do...have a truly free and open forum where all views were welcome and respected, though challenged. That's all anyone has a right to expect.

My personal battle was against those nationalists who place our people back home in further danger by making preposterous "demandses" and empty threats...that and their obvious anti-Islamic hatreds. We pretty much humiliated them or at least sent them packing, making it abundantly clear in the process that these heroes of ours couldn't stand up to words let alone be the "warriors for Assyria" they barked about.

I have nothing against anyone believing that he or she is descended in some way from the ancient Assyrians...AND Babylonians AND Sumerians and all the great peoples which created those first civilizations...and that includes the Great Islamic Empire which many of our people joined, in gratitude to get away from the same warring Christian factions which have bedeviled us to this day.

They are ALL my ancestors...but not by any direct descent, certainly not in any genetic way or by "bloodline". We make fools of ourselves when we make this claim. I prefer to think of myself as an advocate for the ancient Assyrians who've been massively vilified by bad history and Christian propaganda. I have no interest in "modern" Assyrians who use their "heritage" as a place to hide from the awful truth of Christianity did to us and to polish up an otherwise shabby record.

Also, for the last time, being Christian is not the same as being Assyrian...Christianity was never a religion of Assyrians...not when they WERE Assyrians....our ancestors had nothing to do with Jesus and would have scorned his main teachings anyway....we had love and sacrifice and kindness and caring way before Jesus came....what we didn't have was the idea of vicarious sacrifice...that you could be forgiven your crimes by killing a substitute...not to mention that "turn the cheek" nonsense.....the Assyrians were seeking justice, not "redemption"...because they didn't need it.

The original Assyrian religion of Ashur and his cohorts inspired people to create that magnificent civilization, as Marduk, Isthar, Shamash and the rest did for others. Had we kept faith with Ashur, as the Jews did with their maniac Yahwe, we would not have fallen such easy prey to each other or the various warring Christian sects who've bloodied this poor planet for so long.

Fred Aprim's assessment of me is still the most accurate and even complimentary. Aprim, in an inspired moment of general ignorance, called me the "enema of Assyria". I know what he meant to say but I still think it fits.

So, adios to all from sunny Mexico.


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