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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, May 27 2007, 3:19:30 (CEST)
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...I received this from Dr Joseph. He asked me to write it in my own words...which I refused to do. I think it`s instructive that this man, after all the years put in teaching, grading papers, giving tests, conversing with students after calss and whenever...who is now retired and nearing 84 years of a distinguished career and life...takes the time to answer someone like Jumblat, with respect...even though Jumblat, as so many others, screams his ignorance and fear at the man...insulting him as if he had some sort of right to do it, or a sport he really enjoyed. Yet, with all of that Dr Joseph, having sworn to never answer these kinds of repititious questions and demandseses, born of willful ignorance and stupid and false pride... took the time, one more time, to reach out, even to one so blighted and blown as Jumblat, giving him, and others like him, yet again the benefit of the doubt...writing a response to Jumblats hysterical "proves".

...I admit to being flattered that Dr Joseph would trust me with such a thing...but I think we need to be reminded of the kind of dedication real scholars and, in this case, one of us, can have...the kind that would never allow them to say..."you are dump" someone like Jumblat...but rather take the time and trouble to try to educate the damn fool a little. his own words:

I write this out of respect to those who have read Mr. Jumblat,s remarks. If Mr.Jumblat had "listened" to what he was reading, he would have found the answer to his question right there in front of him. In the paragraph immediately following the one that he had cited, he presumably had read that:

The name Assyrian was certainly used prior to the nineteenth century. Thanks to the Old Testament, 'Assyrian' was a well known name throughout the centuries and wherever the Bible was held holy, whether in the East or West. In the works of the early Eastern Christian writers, notes Fiey, we find all the gamut of references to these ancients, employing indifferently the words Syrians, Athurians, Chaldeans, and Babylonians, but these writers never identified with these people. "I have made indices of my Christian Assyria," emphasized Fiey, "and have had to align some 50 pages of proper names of people; there is not a single writer who has an 'Assyrian' name." 13

And just two paragraphs before the one that Mr.Jumblat had 'picked on,' he chose to disregard the following:

By Athoraye, the renowned Patriarch [Michael] undoubtedly meant the inhabitants in and around Mosul. As has been pointed out by many before, someone with the surname Athoraya means simply that the person hails from the city of Athor, the name by which the city of Mosul and its province were known during the pre-Islamic period. Christians continued to use the geographical designation Athoraya as a surname, a common practice in the Middle East, where a surname identifies a person with the name of his birthplace. 9

ADDENDUM: A reading of any classical Syriac dictionary will show that the terms ATHUR and ATHURAYA have two different usages: (1) ATHUR = Assyria; ATHURAYA = Assyrian. (2) ATHUR = the Church diocese of Mosul and its environs; ATHURAYA = A Christian from the diocese of Mosul and its environs. "Mar Khammu Athuraya" does not mean "Mar Khammu the Assyrian." Had Mar Khammu, for instance, been the bishop of Urmiyah, he would not be referred to as Mar Khammu Athuraya.


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