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The Civil War....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, October 3 2017, 0:26:43 (UTC)
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Website title: to the American Labor Movement the Civil War is the most fascinating part of American of the most revealing things about the Confederacy, aside from the fact that they were schizophrenics, is the real reason they were doomed to fail....not because the North was wealthier or had more manpower but because of a fatal contradiction built into its very rationale.

...Crackers insist to this day that the war was about State's Rights, in this case, the right to enslave and rape and murder innocent people who never did a thing to, let alone hear of, the United States.

...and it was just this fact, this pretext, which doomed the South. A small example was when Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, announced a holiday and five southern states refused to honor that same date but instead each chose a date of their own, because they didn't agree to a "national" anything!

...after yet another gruesome battle the officer in charge of burial asked if the bodies should be buried according to which state they were from...the commandant answered no, mix them all together, "For I am sick of State's Rights".

...Later in the War Davis complained that the South could have won if only he had had the kind of national unity the North had...for, in the end, it was this State's Right business which never allowed the southern states to truly pull together, as one.....Lincoln and the northern states were able to do so precisely because such unity is exactly what they fought for....while the South, in a real sense, fought for proud individualism, for each State's right to go its own way, as in:leave the Union...and that's what ultimately did them in...the very thing they said they were fighting for, caused them to be disunited, and so they lost.


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