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The Historian and the Hysterian or....
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, June 1 2007, 16:50:06 (CEST)
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...a little knowledge is a dangerous thing so be safe, don`t learn anything.

The title "historian" doesn`t apply to those who read history on their own...for they are usually too selective and undisciplined...on the look-out only for what affrims their prejudices...they come to immense fabric of human History looking for that little scrap of it that will cover their own nakedness. No one with a bachelor`s degree in history would be considered an "Historian". It takes, at the very least, the maximum years of training and exposure...but even that isn`t enough....I think it`s safe to say that only when you publish books on history, after you`ve suffered all the education there is, can you truly be considerdd an Historian. That doesn`t make you a good or bad just says you`ve attained to the highest level in that profession...that`s the reason universities require their teachers to do research and publish...because that`s the highest level of all, plus which it opens you up to peer review...a critical next, and final, step.

A Historian isn`t trying to prove his country right or wrong...indeed he may not even be interested in the affairs of his country...or time. The Historian leaves behind, as much as is humanly possible, prejudice and bigotry in all its forms. Of course they are only human and fail...but this is what is expected of them...not jingoism.

This is the primary reason modern Assyrians have no real historians...besides the one they call a traitor and an animal....Dr Joseph. We have lots of people who`ve read Syriac manuscripts and so liked what they read there that they`ve gone silly...even ones who are trained in other disciplines, break down completely whenever their own "history" is the topic.

...we are our own enemies. No one else even cares.


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