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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, July 18 2007, 9:53:40 (CEST)
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...The Kurds will never give up...never. They've shown their fighting spirit for generations now...and now that the West gave them "Assyria", they'll fight to the death to keep it.

I don't see how anyone can argue that this came about because of Wsetern Christianity's jihad against Iraq. Under Saddam such a thing would never have happened...but, of course, under Saddam Iraqis, Christians included, never knew such misery either.

The United States has no use for your kind of allies or militia...they don't want allies "Meek and Mild"...they want people of proven capacity...people of action, not talk.

All that's left to see is how badly you all want the Christians of Iraq to much more misery they have to endure for you..or because of you. let's see if you'll allow them to live in peace with their Kurdish brothers and sisters, or will you make it your "national work" to sow distrust, spread lies and direct insults at the people surrounding them and outnumbering them in hopes that they'll retaliate... so you can have more "martyrs" to drag before the world...for its pity.

Why do I have the feeling that every time a Christian of Kurdistan "suffers", you will rejoice? And that every time a Christian of Kurdistan tells you how good his life is and happy his family is, you will curse that Christian, call him a "traitor" and a "sell-out"...while you, you cheered and supported and prayed for the people, Western Christians, who REALLY destroyed that land and murdered its people.


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