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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, April 16 2007, 20:14:30 (CEST)
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The survivors among the Assyrians were gradually swallowed up in the Aramaic tide which swept the entire region. When Arameans allegedly turned Christian, being Christian is what held the people together…what gave them their central identity and not any Assyrian Heritage and certainly no national ties. And when Christians of the Sasanian Empire found it expedient to disassociate themselves from the Orthodox Byzantine Church, they clapped the name “Nestorian” to their Church of The East.

They continued as Nestorians, Jacobites and Monophysites until the Roman Catholics appeared among them at which time some of them opted to rejoin the orthodox faith in the 17th century schism…but they did so, as before when they adopted the Nestorian heresy, for purely political reasons, in order to enjoy the protection of European powers, as they’d become Nestorians to ensure the good graces of their Sasanian overlords.

The remaining Nestorians later decided, briefly, to join the Russian Orthodox Church, which was the sole surviving Byzantine Church, for the same reasons: the protection they believed would come their way from the powerful Russians…however, the Russian revolution put an end to that scheme when Russian armies were called home. Some of them in Persia even opted for Communism when the Russians again occupied that country during the last years of the Second World War…and suffered for it yet again when the Soviets withdrew and removed their backing. And today we see the same elements among us fawning over the Americans and British, again, in the same mistaken notion that an outside Christian power will “do something” for them…something they have never, in all those long centuries been able to do for themselves…and, as always, it’s been the actions of a minority of loud-mouths who’ve ruined it for everyone else.

Since allegedly denying Ashur for Christ, the “Assyrians” have been shopping around for political protection first, spiritual benefits later…which is understandable.

These are secondary matters… the essence of Dr Joseph’s claims can be permanently disputed if only evidence can be found to show that the Nestorians called themselves and saw themselves as the lineal descendants of the ancient Assyrians…and we don’t have to go that far back to find such evidence, if it exists. If we focus only on the name “Assyrian” and not Chaldean…we only have to search back before the 19th century…in other words any documents from before 1800 will do.

The question then is: are there any documents, any evidence at all to suggest that the Nestorians of Hakkari, the Mosul Villayet or Urmia called themselves Assyrian? I think not, or else Dr Joseph and many another scholar would have discovered it by now and put it before their students and the world…or, if such evidence existed, but was unacceptable to their CIA handlers, it would be put forth to silence them. This is what makes the boys see Dr Joseph as an “enemy”…the fact that he doesn’t accept hearsay, or the words of any priests…as what historian would….and this is what makes them call him and all such like him “co-called”…because anyone who refuses to accept the authority of such shaky sources must be out to “get them” …they see scholarship as a threat to their identity….the flip side is, of course, that stupidity is their one claim to it….which is the reason why you’ll never find a scholar/nationalist…except for people like Aprim who are pretending to be both. Aprim, it turns out, bases most of his ideas on his appalling lack of knowledge of the subtleties of the English language. He reads things, misunderstands them, and writes books in which he details his villager’s notion that he doesn’t need to know…because he “knows”. Naturally he is very popular with other villagers.


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