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Trump at Wimbledon....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, July 16 2017, 19:44:08 (UTC)
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...well, he wasn't there in person but the stench of his personality and style was evident in the behavior of US tennis player Sam Querry.

Querry played an obviously wounded Andy Murray leading up to the was a match Murray would have easily won at any other time....and he did win the first set....but then Querry won the second and it was obvious Murray was having trouble moving around the could see him limp and wince....found out later it was problems with his hip.

Querry won the last two sets by scores of 6-1, 6-1...against Andy Murray, of all players. Clearly Murray was far below his best and obviously he was in pain towards the end, but he refused to quit even though he knew he couldn't win it that day.

It was Querry's reaction to his win that evoked the stench of Trumpism....Querry leaped in the air, pumping his fists and shouting and generally losing his head...ok, he wasn't the only one there surprised he'd beaten Andy....but it was a very unsportsmanlike show....then I thought surely Querry would make some comment in the interview about how he was sorry Andy was injured...I mean he KNOWS no one on the tour could ever beat Murray 6-1 6-1....I don't think it's ever been done.....but Querry was acting like he'd triumphed over extreme odds when all he'd had to do was remain upright and facing forward to win...

Of course he mentioned not a word about Andy's game but went on about how this was a great match and how well he played...not a WORD about his opponent or his obvious handicap that day...just all the glory for him!

Contrast that very American behavior with Federer who today won the trophy for the 8th time at Wimbledon. In his match against Cillic it was obvious that Cillic too was suffering from an injury...he was way off on what had been the best playing of his life...he could barely walk and then the trainers were called and it turned out he had a huge blister which had accumulated liquid for a few days and finally burst during the match...they did what they could for his foot but he just wasn't able to play his game and lost in three sets.

And what did these two Europeans do? In his talk Cillic only said he hadn't played his best game that day and all credit belonged with Roger.

Roger then spoke and he right away mentioned Cillic's obvious injury and said it was "cruel" but it happens at times to all of them and that Cillic was a hero....three real gentlemen and sportsmen and one American lout from the Age of Trump.


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