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Why Special Rights
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Sunday, December 9 2007, 22:44:19 (CET)
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What is Michael Youash talking about? Why is he pestering the Kurds with accusations that they are being unfair to Christian Assyrians? Why should any minority within a nation, get to choose its own representatives? I think he’s mistaking modern Kurdistan, or any other country Christian Assyrians live in, with the Ottoman Empire, which indeed did allow Christians to rule themselves…but those days are long gone.

What modern nation on earth allows ethnic or religious or any other minorities the right to elect their own representatives? Name one. In this day of nation-states where citizenship rights are hard enough to get for everyone…which government compounds its headaches by allowing one group to represent itself? Who needs that sort of grief?..and what government can afford to allow such a dangerous precedent to be set…or allow minorities to hold themselves back from mixing with everyone as political equals?

It’s a fool’s errand, perfectly suited to us.

Can you imagine the United States, vastly further down the democratic/pluralistic road and free of the strife and turmoil Iraq has known, continuously, since 1918, allowing every ethnic group within its borders to elect their own representatives…and ask for special consideration and rights for whatever makes them a minority? Does the United States allow Blacks to rule themselves…does it allow women(the numerical majority) to elect their own representatives…does it allow the Mormons to have as many wives as their religion tells them they can, by God’s command? Hardly.

Kurdistan is now a nation…a nation with a Christian minority dwelling there. There is a Muslim minority living in England. Can they demand or even expect their own representatives to, and special rights in, Parliament? On what basis does a Christian minority in Kurdistan expect any different? Why…because they have been “persecuted”? Haven’t Black Americans? What in heaven’s name has that got to do with anything? Even if it could be proven that they WERE persecuted…which they have not…so what? Who grants separate political representation to minorities among them for being persecuted? And when does such alleged persecution recede into the background….never?

This is where the old “they hate us because we’re Assyrians” comes in handy…as a cover by Christians thinking they’ve outsmarted anybody. If the Christians, or ‘assyrians” as they like to call themselves, want a country or territory or a triangle or special rights for themselves, then they’re welcome to get them the way these things are gotten…by FORCE…as all modern nations, including the United States and Kurdistan, have been created.

But this business of “demanding” and “begging” and “telling the world” what is OWED them is futile and damned embarrassing too.

Assyrians? I don’t think so.


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