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=> ‘Europe will be white’: Polish leaders sanction massive far-right march

‘Europe will be white’: Polish leaders sanction massive far-right march
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Sunday, November 11 2018, 23:48:22 (UTC)
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‘Europe will be white’: Polish leaders sanction massive far-right march in Warsaw (VIDEO)

This year's event, marking the centenary of Poland's independence, attracted some 200,000 people - more than three times the numbers at last year’s march that was dubbed the largest far-right gathering in the world.

The event included explicitly white supremacist symbols and banners with slogans such as "White Europe" and "Refugees get out!" The rally was cited in a European Parliament resolution that encouraged member states to crack down on far-right groups, but the leadership of Poland seem to have other plans.

There was a last-minute attempt by the mayor of Warsaw to ban the march, but a court overturned his decision and allowed the event to go ahead - despite the fact that months of negotiations had failed to result in any agreement on key arguments between the state and representatives of the rally.

The final negotiations took place late on Friday night. The demonstrators were represented by Robert Bakiewicz of the National Radical Camp, an anti-Semitic group that traces its roots to an organization from the 1930s founded on the principles of Italian fascism.

-- The entire article including video is here:

-- These are our president's favorite leaders: These Polish Catholic assholes, who passed a law (or are in the process of passing a law) which prohibits the utterance, let alone a public discussion, or publishing of articles, books, and so on, about the historical fact of Catholic Poles' mass killings of Polish Jews, the rapes, the theft of their wealth, of their dignity, of their humanity; after all, where in fuck were all of these Extermination camps?

Vernichtungslager Holocaust victims

1 Auschwitz-Birkenau 1.1 million, around 90 percent Jewish.
2 Treblinka * 800,000–900,000 at Camp II (and 20,000 at Camp I).
3 Belzec * 600,000 with 246,922 from General Government.
4 Sobibor * 200,000 (140,000 from Lublin and 25,000 from Lwów).

-- Ironically, the "immigrant problem" in the U.K., is not a problem having to do with "Pakis" (well, it does, there's a case of a bunch of Pakistani men involved in pimping underage mostly white working class British run away girls, but that's another story I ain't got the fingers to type about...). NO, the Brits are pissed at the uncouth, Catholic Poles... a bit like they were at the drunken, Catholic Irish, who along with dogs, were not allowed in certain Protestant pubs, places and clubs. And, as my Hebros say, "the Chutzpah!" of the Poles to pass laws against any discussion of the Holocaust, let alone bringing back the same hatred that led to the Auschwitz Death March (which Norman Finkelstien's father was a part, until he and the rest of the prisoners were liberated by the Yanks!) Well, sirs, here we are again, and there it is again, Europe: Poland, Hungary, soon-to-be, Germany, since Angela shan't run, again; Austria, Czech Republic, and on.. (even Sweden). And, Netanyahu is quick to jump on diaspora Jews who think mistreating "the stranger" is not Kosher, and has kept quiet about his Catholic mafiosi bosses in Poland and Hungary, just as is Trump, because, they all hate the Muslim; and they are all authoritarian types... and possibly, repressed homosexuals. Anyway, here's the whole article and video, sadly:


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