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bragging rights...and Qurds
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, July 19 2014, 16:07:27 (UTC)
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My darlin goil is finishing up at NYU where she is writing a paper on the independence of Kurdistan....a sentence struck me....

"Although they did convert to Islam, Kurds have consistently resisted being ruled by others and have emphasized their ethnic identity over their religious identity."

...and there, boys and girls, is a major difference between assyrians and Qurds...a huge difference, it turns out, because we are just the opposite and as a result, have an outcome exactly opposite to what the Qurds have earned for themselves.

We, famously, emphasize our religion OVER any ethnic/political identity...this has kept us fractured and stupid too. When you ask an assyrian what makes him assyrian, he tells you about Jesus and Isaiah and Lent and Jonah and the big fact being "assyrian" is just being Christian, down to the language we speak...we never say, "Jesus spoke the language of Ashurbanipal"...we say 'WE speak the language of JESUS"! (note: Jesus didn't speak the language of Ashurbanipal, that language was Akkadian, not Aramaic.).

Even when we try to think outside a religious box, and think to act politically, we still behave as if politics was the same as religion...we brand anyone who won't agree with us, politically, a traitor and even more telling react to disagreement as if it were HERESY....we have yet to learn that politics is the art of compromise....compromise, to a religious mind, is do you "make deals" with someone who has a different version of Jesus than you do?

That's the major difference between us and the Qurds and the reason our two outcomes are so different.


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