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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, October 29 2018, 16:28:50 (UTC)
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The Christian who murdered eleven Jews posted that his main reason for doing so was because "Jews are committing genocide against my people". This is the same effort to smear others with Christian crimes as claiming Muslims forcibly converted Christians...both claims are not only historically false but EXACTLY what Christians did to Jews and Muslims....this is common among Christians; to divert attention from their own bloody crimes by accusing others of the same.

While we're at it...mild mannered liberals and progressives are, once again, slow to realize just what they are up against. They still say things like, "This is NOT America" isn't? Then what is it...Finland? This is most definitely America and has been all its life.

Liberal Democrats were slow to see the threat in Hitler and the boys...they denied, tried to befriend and apologize for Fascism in the hope they could love it away...or win it over...which only emboldened the punks. Finally, when we realized just what these people were, we took action and crushed them, but not before a whole lot of murder and destruction....had we acted sooner much of it if not all could have been avoided.

Liberals see social progress as only a benefit to people's lives, so they drop their guard and assume there couldn't possibly be a backlash...and when it comes they are way too slow to respond appropriately.

Trump is a punk, easily are his followers. But the will isn't there yet....yet.

Personally I think Trump was the best thing to happen to America.


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