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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, July 17 2007, 20:23:28 (CEST)
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...while some Assyrians, for political expediency, will grudgingly admit that Chaldeans can be Chaldeans if they want to be, so long as we "unite"...the vast majority of our nationalist "intellectuals" scoff at the idea that present-day Chaldeans have any connection to ancient Chaldeans.

They very archly and in a knowing and patronizing sort of way point out that "everyone knows" there were no Chaldeans until the Europeans invented calling their new Catholic Church the "Chaldean Catholic Church"...of course what the pope meant was that this new Catholic Church was in an area known historically as Chaldea, that it was a geographic designation and NOT an ethnic one...not even he had any idea that he was making a new time the people began to call themselves Chaldean...but it was never meant to be that way...still, the main point is that this was an invention of Europeans, not anyone from Iraq.

It's very like a French family moving to Arizona...everyone knows Arizona used to be a smaller part of the territory, or "nation" if you will, of the Navajo that sense, a baby born to our French couple could be said to have been born in the "Land Of The Navajos"...but, that doesn't mean he is a direct descendant of the ancient Navajos...that's what happened in BetNahrain..the pope, and then the archaeologists called that land the Land Of The Assyrians...or Chaldeans...and pretty soon we, who were born in the "land of the Assyrians" BECAME "Assyrians".

I don't understand, well I do, why a modern Assyrian, who laughs out loud at Chaldeans and their supposed "ancient roots"...who recognizes that they are nothing more than those Christians who returned to the orthodox faith...has SO MUCH trouble recognizing that the same trick, or game, or error was played on the those who were called Assyrian by other Europeans...?


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