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fake roosters come home to perch
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, October 16 2017, 13:51:08 (UTC)
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It's difficult to get too bothered by the fact that any country is attacking American elections. We've been attacking, in every way, many countries for many years....even that American propaganda radio "service" is an attack, albeit a clumsy one in this all comes under, "look who's crying now".

And it's going to be a difficult problem to solve. Just how do you tell fake news from less fake news? If an item appeals to your prejudices you're certainly going to be receptive to its message and not care too much, or be downright disappointed, if it turns out to be fake. And, who is going to convince you and with what?

Assyrians thrive on fake news about how they are directly descended from Ashurbanipal. In our short tenure here we've seen how impervious they are to any evidence, or common logic, to the contrary...turns out people believe what they LIKE to be true.

While we try various technologies to combat fake news the people of Finland are taking a much better approach; they have started to, seriously, teach critical thinking in their schools...and I can't imagine a better course to teach than that.

It's very courageous of them because too many graduates who think critically could make it that much harder for the religious and other marketers to bamboozle people...the basic teaching would be to NOT believe what is appealing to you, what you "like"...what strokes your balls...but to look behind the scenes, to ask "who does this benefit"? ETC.


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