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free speech on campus....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, September 24 2017, 13:53:25 (UTC)
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...what's the deal now with neo-cons and others making an issue out of free speech on college campuses? These people, including Maher, have all sorts of outlets for their views...they have media outlets of all kinds and shapes giving them audiences of hundreds of thousands to millions...why all of a sudden do they just have to talk before a few hundred students? What's the point they're trying to make?

... I think students are justified in not wanting these types to add their campuses to the long list of outlets they already have access to which, by the way, students don't. It's not as if you have to go to a college campus to hear FOX News...or Bill Maher, or Ann Coulter...these people all have books, magazine covers, they are interviewed on radios any time they what's behind this sudden urge to spout off on a campus?

...They say students should "hear all sides"...but students already hear the other could they avoid it? It's not that they don't want to hear Bill Maher's anti-Islam rants, because they already have access to those...they aren't trying to shut down Ann Coulter, they just don't want their one hate-free bastion invaded, for profit or worse.

...we already have ample evidence of what wide-spread hate against religious groups (Jews and Muslims) has done...also what anti-immigrant hatred has done in the past...and we know what racism has cost the nation...those expressing these views already have massive access to the public in general...but it isn't enough for them? Why? Is this really a matter of "principle"...the sanctity of free speech, or is it exactly what most students think it is; yet another platform from which to sell books and hatred.

,,if media outlets and Bill Maher, allowed "free speech" on THEIR platforms, we might have a matter of principle to ponder...but they don't. Media has regularly fired reporters who don't toe the corporate line....Maher never again invited Rula Jabreel on his show after she gave a fair assessment of what Israel does...and Ann Coulter is a plain where's the tragic "loss" to college students if these people stay on their turf and allow students a few years of hate-free "lectures" they will soon enough be swamped by when they graduate.


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