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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Tuesday, July 17 2007, 20:54:46 (CEST)
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...this was hauled over from beth:

>p.s. Alen I just found your other forum speakassyria, and man is this forum better, that one you can't learn anything with that panho guy you are arguing with, and any enemey of a creep like that is a friend of mine, so how about a truce ;)... and maybe you should tell that forum admin over there that they are loosing viewers for it just aint worth the hassle of filtering through that guy's garbage.
>And as for people saying these forums need to be democracy, even democracies put people in insane assylums if they are talking crazy and obsessively harassing people and disturbing the peace and are in need of mental health help like some seem on these forums. Just a thought and just a thought.

...Saddam would agree...the best way to make things "better" is to get rid of those you don't like.

..once again, in a free democracy no one is forcing anyone to "filter" through one has to open any post with which they feel they will disagree or be upset by the contents why run? You mean just the SIGHT of posts with my name on them is enough to make a Militia member run? Where, back to his barracks...a "better" place?

The allegation that this, or any other forum, loses people when someone who thinks writes there is false. Quite the opposite is true...more people read because something interesting and stimulating is taking isn't surprising that these Christrians react pretty much as their church did and does to new ideas...or perceives "threats" and "mental illness" in those who disagree...after all, they used to burn people at the stake for such "crimes"...and they haven't changed much.

Experience shows that with controversy comes interest...that may be the reason we have everybody and their cousin reading at our forum...what this turkey is lamenting is that people, like him, stop WRITING...even though they continue reading...and they stop writing because they sense they're going to be challenged in ways they can't deal with...without writing you off as mentally ill or a paid agnet...but they are Christians and this is how the Church has taught them to react to ideas and going up on their hind legs and howling.

What this fellow means is that with real freedom of expression comes a decline in the number of jackasses willing to display their "knowledge"...the fear that people will stop writing for fear of being asked questions they cannot answer intelligently or coherently...most of these people have a thin veneer of "knowlegde" or "history", or even "Assyrianism"...scratch their surface only a little and a howling ignoramous of a Nazi jumps out. Many will stop wriring altogether and go looking for that "better" place...where no one is allowed to hold a mirror up to them...and they will write there...

...just as they would run if they had a militia, they would avoid any direct confrontations and go back to base camp and write about what they WOULD do, if they weren't being "tortured" by their "enemies".

People may stop writing...but only those with nothing to say will stop...the others, if they have anything behind their beliefs, will accept the challenge...especially those who bray about "fighting" and making a militia...but more and more people will read...and THAT is their biggest fear of all.


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