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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, July 23 2007, 19:25:56 (CEST)
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To the Gestapo,

You can't silence people

...I'm not the one threatening to shut things are. Did I "silence you"? Aren't you writing this post of yours in complete freedom and security? Just because you can't think of a civilized response, doesn't mean I "silenced" silence yourself.

I CHALLENGE people..and you are used to running from challenges...that's the reason you're in the West calling for a MILITIA!

by punching them in the mouth every time they say something that is NOT your business. never stopped you. Do you recall how many times you were told to butt out of conversations that were "none of your busines"...why do you respond to articles about Bush? is it YOUR business? So long as you pretend to have a forum different from the rest...I and anyone else can don't have to open my you YOURSELF told people...but I know what is happening because we saw it together on aina and beth and everywhere else...YOUR friends, like Peter's and Hanna's..are emailing you in private threatening to not read or write any more (they may stop writing but they will keep reading)...and so you want to make your own "safe place" where people can express their ignorance with NO chance at being challenged...much like Bill O'Reilly does.

Open a forum on Fox why don't you.

YOU are NOT the police. This is a FORUM, where people have their OWN ideas, and are not obliged to believe in yours or else you will say "god damn you" and abuse them, verbally. This is NOT Nazi Germany, and we are FREE at last! were a Nazi? The word "goddamn" is a perfectly acceptable's in the dictionary too. It was Peter and Aprim too who used "foul language" as an excuse to ban IDEAS they didn't like..and I GAVE them that excuse. I want to show what kind of "Assyrians" you are..what kind of MILITIA and PARLIAMENT you'll make..what kind od GOVERNMENT you'll have in your triangle, surrounded on all sides by IMPOLITE Muslims who may SWEAR at you and INSULT you.

You are, none of you, serious about doing ANYTHING in the world..your Assyria is a fantasy...the only place you can 'rule" is in a forum...with a button to settle all "issues". people need to SEE THAT!

Again, anyone that doesn't like it here, they are not held hostage. In a democracy, there are many forums and you can choose one that is more “suitable” to your taste, or go back to your own.

..."go back where you came from" many immigrants have heard that? Remember your own one has to READ my posts...democracy isn't CLEANING OUT THE OPPOSITION! All democracy means to you is that now YOU can be the tyrant! I express myself, freely...and everyone else has the same right...I stop no one...except those who are in your MILITIA!

As I used to be OFTEN reminded on the Gestapo forum, it is a "Privilege" to be here, do not abuse your welcome.

...I abuse nothing. Free speech isn't speech YOU like. Saddam had that kind of "free speech" too. What if the rules of the internet are modified one day and your posts against Bush and American policy are deemed an "abuse of your welcome to America"? Don't you see that you are promoting the same restrictive rules that can be applied to YOU one day? Free speech is a PRINCIPLE first..not a FORMULA to be applied by every tyrant in his or her OWN manner.

The reason we don't have these kinds of posts at what you call a gestapo forum is because ours is the only one without these threats and warnings, where people have to take responsibility for and protect THEMSELVES!, therefore people know how they will be treated...they know they will have absolute freedom to say whatever they want...AND accept the responsibility of hearing the same. We never threaten anyone...they leave on their OWN...of course, they create excuses to leave...and that is their last favor to us.

Follow your own advice and give the people the freedom to express themselves, just as YOU are asking to be allowed to express yourself FREELY !

...I stop no one...YOU just expressed yourself..what you mean is that I should make it easier and gentler for the MILITIA OF ASSYRIA to take to the field..I should hurl cream puffs at them and not hot ammunition...this is exactly how we got the heroes we have now...and how you became their commander.

You cannot ask something of others without being able to ask it of yourself, FIRST.

...I express myself, freely...anyone else here can do the same. My writing here does not stop other people from just "offends" them so they run away...or cry to you, which says more about them than about me...JUST the kind of MILITIA the people of Iraq need to save them!!! Not to mention parliamentarians....this is the kind of SISSIES you have become..,the world must smooth your way for you, or else you can't write FREELY! It isn't freedom you's protection.


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