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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, July 12 2007, 23:14:19 (CEST)
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..the notion that if you allow full freedom of expression on these forums you will "drive away" Assyrians is based on a false premise...that the Assyrians WRITING are representative of anything meaningful..or meaningfully Assyrian. They are not.

For the most part they are poorly disguised Christians using the word "Assyrian" as code for "Christian"..they are interested in someone bashing the "enemies" of Christ...that used to mean it means Muslims. They could care less for Iraq, "Assyria" or any homeland...they WOULD like a Christian enclave though..and that, of course, will never happen...but something else might: they MIGHT get back at Islam for dominating Christ in BetNahrain, or anywhere else.

But it doesn't end there. They're also determined to "tell the world the truth" about Islam, as they see it...and since these people are all...all...badly educated when not completely uneducated plus filled to the brim with racism and bigotry...they see themselves as on a mission for Jesus, a Jew. In this mission of theirs lying, cheating..anything is okay, because it furthers the work of the Lord....if they dared, they'd kill for Jesus too, but so far they have other Christians doing that for them...

...their job, then, is to make sure Christians go on hating Muslims....and it helps their cause when they can drag out Christians murdered by Muslims...and it hurts their cause when they have to admit that Christians are killing far more Chridtians, in Iraq, than Muslims fact throughout history no one has killed more Christians than Christians...obviously they know something about Christians.

The reason it's so important to pose this "simple" question, as I have been for a few years now (with not one "Assyrian" daring to answer it) is because it goes right to the heart of their most basic claims that they are "concerned" about the fate of Assyrians in Iraq and THAT is why they do what they do..such as calling on Bush to attack send more soldiers...cheering when Iraq is destroyed and, finally, making the kinds of statements i.e. "a militia of Assyrians"...or a "government-in-exile" that they know damn well will only make life harder on those they claim to want to help. It's this fact above all else...that they "want to help" the Assyrians back home that needs clarifying.

They want to help THEMSELVES...the Assyrians "back home" are the excuse and also the means...and that means getting them killed...not directly but through Muslim's a hard thing to own up to and understandably they try to get away from scrutiny by saying anyone is "sick" and "in need of help" who suggests such an apparently contradictory notion.

But it's a fact...maybe a well-disguised, or rather "unexplored" fact...but it's a fact. And you can test it by asking them, or yourself, why none of them have EVER mentioned a single Assyrian killed or tortured or who suffered loss at the hands of Christian American or British "liberators"? Because, I venture to say, these are not the "usefull ones"...not the ones you want to go bragging about...or even mentioning...more than that, mentioning them would embarrass the Christians doing the killing, of Muslims, for you.

The arch coward of them all, Fred Aprim, came close to trying...he said these were "accidents of war"...oh, really? Then why are not the Christians killed by Muslims "accidents of war"? No answer.

I claim, based on years of watching these sorts of "nationalist" discussions ond "historical proofs" that these people are almost all staunch Christians doing their duty to their faith by smearing Islam any way they their compatriots did a few generations ago with the Jews...spreading any and all lies they could about them....and we know where that led. Not only did Jews suffer for it but Christian nations were devastated in the end...and it will happen that way again...if we don't move now to stop it.

Our "nationalists" are nothing more than the same Nazis, hiding behind Jesus and some weird notion of blood or ethnic "purity" the Nazi Germans and other Europeans did a few years ago.

As you can see, these people are proud of never learning anything.

Since they can't possibly admit to such a thing you have to go looking at what evidence there is....that doesn't mean believing what they SAY or, in this case, write. It means looking beyond that. We already know they use many of the same tactics of the Brown and Black Shirts...they lie, they attack character, they attack family etc. They take an archly superior attitude even when, as with the Nazi leaders, they are thugs and half barbarians...certainly illiterates...yet a strange sort of PRIDE, even pride in their lack of any serious knowledge, uplifts them, convinces them they are on a MORAL mission...a Crusade in which they are willing to "suffer" etc.

To understand them, you merely have to look to their actions...and the most glaring inconsistency there is the observable fact that they have never, not a single one of them, ever even mentioned the thousands of Assyrian children who died because of Sanctions...not once.

There is only one way to account for this...and that, I believe, is that ALL of their supposed care and concern is is merely the device they use, the handle they have, to do their "work"...which is to make Islam look as bad as they take advantage of the West's latest steps leading to a "final solution" of their Muslim "problem". This is the "golden opportunity" they keep talking about... they phrase it to make it sound like they mean getting a triangle or territory or some other hand-out....but it's really about attacking Islam...and not because of what Islam has actually done...they are butt-ignorant of the real history...but because they've been raised and 'educated" in church basements, at the foot of some ignoramous priest, mouthing the party-line.

The reality is that Islam, the coming of the Arabs was WELCOMED by the Christians of BetNahrain..that the Muslims treated them better than their Christian masters had...and they enjoyed more religious freedom under the Muslim Millet system than they had under a despotic and heretic-hunting Christianity.

But that's another story. All I want to point out is that it is terribly inconsistent, to use a mild word, to claim that you are working for all dear tell the world about all that Assyrians suffer, without mentioning what ALL Assyrians are suffering, including those suffering at the hands of Christians....and this would seem to indicate that only some Assyrians are worthy of such tender care and concern...and when you look at ALL murdered Assyrians and see that ONLY those killed by Muslims are wept over and mourned and can't least no outsider can help, but wonder what makes one set of Assyrians a "tragedy" while the other set, equally dead, are not even worthy of honorable mention...and when you discover that the determining factor is who KILLED the Assyrian...then you understand...then you see...then you might start to learn.



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