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manufacturing enemies
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, April 26 2007, 0:33:31 (CEST)
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...It took some doing to make an enemy and a so-called threat out of Iraq...and it was done in a more naive atmosphere...a time when we might have believed our government...but the creation of a threat to the world from Iran is a much bolder move...because you'd think the machinery is so loud and clunky and ourselves a bit wiser...but no, they're making us dizzy with almost daily avowals of imminent danger from poverty stricken Iranian nuclear development followed by sudden reversals and "promises" of cooperation etc.

This is all supposed to prove that Iran can't be trusted and the cumulative effect of this revolving-door threat/hope we're being bombarded with should lead us eventually to conclude that Iran might just as well be dealt with as if it really was the next threat...when it's been our own government all along which poses the threat.

Ah well. Live and learn nothing.


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