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=> now the only crimes are those by ISIS

now the only crimes are those by ISIS
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, September 4 2014, 20:40:26 (UTC)
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...everyone has forgotten the original and far larger crime of an illegal war against the people of Iraq that lasted ten years and more in which hundreds of thousands of children were killed! What has ISIS done to compare with that?

The foreign policy of America is a criminal condones murder, theft, illegal wars, breaking international law, infanticide etc., and all in order to enrich the very few...the rest of us get to pay for it and die for it.

I don't need to know the details...details of America's crimes is not "news"...just as details of the illegal doings of the Al Capone gang is not news...the real news is what lies behind, what inspires it and who benefits....I don't want to know all the tricks and murders Capone committed...I want to know about the police, about the laws and about the culture...and who benefits....same with our foreign policy, I want to know what lies BEHIND these acts, not simply a list of acts.


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