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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, July 23 2007, 21:56:03 (CEST)
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the Gestapo,

You can't silence people

"I CHALLENGE people..and you are used to running from challenges...that's the reason you're in the West calling for a MILITIA!"

Calling someone "GOD DAMNED" because they discovered a 40-yr old Assyrian national anthem on youtube, is NOT a CHALLENGE.'s a figure of do not call the PERSON goddamned!

It is verbal abuse, and in a democracy, verbal abuse is unacceptable!!!!!

..that's not true at all. You have a first amendment right to cuss people out...where did you come from? No one can take legal action because you said his ideas were goddamned stupid...or he was a goddamned son of a bitch. Are you nuts? They can get their feelings hurt..or feel slighted or insulted...but those are NOT actionable!

People challenge ideas, or notions, which they are entitled to do, without giving themselves permission to abuse others.

...The Constitution allows me to speak freely...and on any number of occasions the courts have ruled that you can say GODDAMNED!

..I refer you to the lawsuit brought by Pat Robertson against Larry Flynt...Robertson felt ABUSED and INSULTED also defamed, maligned, libelled, slandered and corn-holed when Flynt's HUSTLER magazine printed an article which claimed Robertson had oral sex with his mother in an outhouse....Robertson won in lower court..but Flynt appealed all the way to the US Supreme Court..and won! Even with Justice Uncle Tom Clarence and Anthony Scalia on there...he WON...because all the justices recognized that for OUR kind of democracy...satire is protected...even when it uses ABUSIVE terms.

The idea of a national anthem being played in IRAQ...was satire. I would go further and say that a "national anthem", for a Christian sect, is satire...or goddamned stupid.

by punching them in the mouth every time they say something that is NOT your business.

" never stopped you. Do you recall how many times you were told to butt out of conversations that were "none of your busines".

NO ONE ever told me to butt out of a conversation about a 40-yr old national anthem. But they told you to butt out of conversations THEY didn't want you you don't want me in this YOU set the standard for everyone?

"why do you respond to articles about Bush? is it YOUR business?

Of COURSE it is, he's my president, and I pay his salary!

...and your anthem and a score of other ideas are leading to the death and destruction of the few remaining Christians of cannot have a national anthem in someone else's country! And if this anthem of your's is only meant for America...then how can you have TWO national anthems..and, what the hell is the PURPOSE of it? I'll answer that..the purpose is to sustain this myth that you are "Assyrians"..and this is MY business...because you are trashing my Assyrian AND Arab Heritage!!!

"So long as you pretend to have a forum different from the rest...I and anyone else can don't have to open my you YOURSELF told people"

WHO said it was "different"? The only reason we are on this FORUM, and not another is because we were either banned or punched in the mouth every time we expressed ourslves to the DISSASTISFACTION OF OTHERS. were not punched in the mouth on our forum...unable to get you down off the ceiling, unable to get you to stick to the issues at hand without smearing the good name and reputation of a few scholars...we gave you as good as YOU were dishing out...NATURALLY you felt "insulted"...and since none of the people you were sliming botherd with you, you didn't bother to know if you had insulted THEM...and, since you're now standing up for those who feel insulted on your forum...I was merely doing the same on ours....if you can't take it...don't you dare dish it out...a valuable lesson you almost learned.

"...but I know what is happening because we saw it together on aina and beth and everywhere else...YOUR friends, like Peter's and Hanna's..are emailing you in private threatening to not read or write any more (they may stop writing but they will keep reading)...and so you want to make your own "safe place" where people can express their ignorance with NO chance at being challenged...much like Bill O'Reilly does."

If I was listening to all these "private" messages asking me to delete and ban you, you wouldn't still be here. haven't listened...yet.

But I fought for YOUR rights, in the same way I am now fighting for OTHER'S rights.

..the only "right" anyone can expect on a real forum is the right to express themselves as THEY deem best...and not as some schoolmarm says they MUST..every tyranny in the world can have YOUR kind of forum.

Do you not see how selfish it is to ask for protection of your rights, but not other's? Where do you get off giving yourself permission to verbally abuse someone, or mocking their way of speaking? is my free speech right...I am not inciting people to violence or asking them to break laws...I have damaged no one's ability to make a living etc...therefore the only "pain" I've caused is to people's feelings...and those are NOT protected by any law anywhere.

..I ask the right to say what I want...and extend the SAME right to has never mattered how much people tried to "insult" me....I could care less. The issues is the issue.

I fight for everyone on this forum, and NO ONE is special. Just the way I deleted that offensive post about you and your sainted-mother, I have the same RIGHT to delete your offensive remarks, but have been very tolerant so far. have I. If you think I show no restraint in what I say...if you think I say WHATEVER I want, no matter how much it "hurts" people...think again. I use my own form of moderation..for instance, if I really wanted to get rid of anyone here I could easily do it...all I'd have to do is mention people's was done to me often could even ban me at that point and I could continue on our forum...that stuff you well know....and people who now demand protection from you, or whom you are trying to protect, will be able to do NOTHING when they see their loved ones smeared and slimed...just to show how this works, having learned it from "Assyrians"..I did it to an 'activist" who 'works" for Assyria...I wrote little things about his wife...and he was GONE. It was a dastardly thing to do...but I learned it from THEM..they thought it was a tactic only they could use...I could do the same thing with Dr Clown...and he would be gone...even if you baned me here, I could be even more effective at our forum...where many more people read...and I can be ENTERTAINING...

So long as I write on your forum I practise may not LIKE it, but it isn't unbridled, all-out INSULTS and ABUSE..which you keep accusing me of....even though I moderate myself here...if you really think I am ABUSIVE..then ban me and see how different that "abuse" will be.

I used to teach in an urban ghetto and the African-Americans would speak in Ebonics in class, which half the time I didn't understand what the hell they were saying. But I still respected them, I still tolerated their ways, and I still let them speak the way they were used to at home, because if I DIDN'T, it would mean there was something wrong with their language, and with them! Had I done what every other teacher did in that school, I would have perpetuated institutional racism, which is what you are doing every time you mock Ashur's way of speaking, or bash someone's brain in when they say something not YOUR liking.

...I LIKE the way Ashur writes...I LOVE the way Dr Clown expresses his love and ferocity...I LOVE these people and would do NOTHING to shut them up!!! I simply reserve the right to comment. You know, like a MILITIA has to expect to get SHOT at...they can't just pin medals on themselves.

NO ONE, absolutely NO ONE has the right to abuse another verbally and emotionally, for what they say or the way they say it. State your opinion without the abuse,'s called SATIRE...look it up. Or, you could say, "I KNOW WHAT I MEAN"!

and allow them to speak freely without intimidation and mockery. in Zimbabwe?

YOur views would be much more acceptable to others if you they were not full of insults and attacks everytime they opened their mouths.

..they are not filled with insults...they are SPICED with a few choice observations put in an indelicate we ALL have to speak treacle?

...I do NOT want to be "acceptable"....yuck!

YOU are NOT the police. This is a FORUM, where people have their OWN ideas, and are not obliged to believe in yours or else you will say "god damn you" and abuse them, verbally. This is NOT Nazi Germany, and we are FREE at last!

...who asks people to believe as I do? How can I make people do that? You too are merely grasping at "insults" as a way of silencing IDEAS you don't like or, trying to keep your darlings they can be ASSYRIANS!!!

" were a Nazi? The word "goddamn" is a perfectly acceptable's in the dictionary too. It was Peter and Aprim too who used "foul language" as an excuse to ban IDEAS they didn't like..and I GAVE them that excuse. I want to show what kind of "Assyrians" you are..what kind of MILITIA and PARLIAMENT you'll make..what kind od GOVERNMENT you'll have in your triangle, surrounded on all sides by IMPOLITE Muslims who may SWEAR at you and INSULT you."

It is none of your business WHAT people want to talk about on a forum.


They can call for a millitia, or anything else, and you STILL have no right to abuse them.

...I don't abuse them...if they feel abused it's because I show them the idiocy of their ideas....that they ARE idiotic is not my fault...that's like saying Bush is doing very well EXCEPT for the abuse he receives from people like you...if he WAS doing really well you'd TELL HIM..that he is behaving and TALKING like an HIS are merely pointing it out. Do you want him to blame YOU for ruining his policies???

You can state your opinion and move on. But in this case, Dr. Simon was NOT calling for a millitia, but expressing his feelings about old song he discovered, and you STILL abused him verbally.'s all the same...Militia, national anthem, "we are Assyrians"'s the same hooey...and people are killed BECAUSE of it...and you are USING their plight, as you accuse Kenna of doing, to benefit make YOU smell good. I just point it out.

"You are, none of you, serious about doing ANYTHING in the world..your Assyria is a fantasy...the only place you can 'rule" is in a forum...with a button to settle all "issues". people need to SEE THAT! "

Very true that Assyrians are not serious about doing anything about their "fantasy" of an Assyria, but it still gives you no right to abuse them. State your good reasons and move on.

...I don't take orders from you...and if you ban me...I still won't take orders from you.

Again, anyone that doesn't like it here, they are not held hostage. In a democracy, there are many forums and you can choose one that is more “suitable” to your taste, or go back to your own.

"..."go back where you came from" many immigrants have heard that? Remember your own one has to READ my posts...democracy isn't CLEANING OUT THE OPPOSITION! All democracy means to you is that now YOU can be the tyrant! I express myself, freely...and everyone else has the same right...I stop no one...except those who are in your MILITIA!"

You don't have the right to stop ANYONE, even those in a MILLITIA. All you can do is state your opinion, and let others decide who is right and who is wrong. say that by writing as I do, I STOP people, tells us all we need know, and everything I am saying, about these TYPES of "assyrians" AND what kind of MILITIA they will make AND what the true value of their ANTHEM is.

If anyone can stop all this supposed passion and LOVE of Assyria and TALKING...then there isn't much of anything there to begin with...THAT is what my "abusive" and terrible writing is doing!

As I used to be OFTEN reminded on the Gestapo forum, it is a "Privilege" to be here, do not abuse your welcome.

"...I abuse nothing. Free speech isn't speech YOU like. Saddam had that kind of "free speech" too. What if the rules of the internet are modified one day and your posts against Bush and American policy are deemed an "abuse of your welcome to America"? Don't you see that you are promoting the same restrictive rules that can be applied to YOU one day? Free speech is a PRINCIPLE first..not a FORMULA to be applied by every tyrant in his or her OWN manner."

If I was being a tyrant, I would only restrict you. But I defend you the same way I defend others. don't have to defend me...not if you have a forum. The fact that it IS a forum, a real one, "defends" me..not you.

Free speech doesn't give anyone the right to repeatedly pounce on another for their opinion.

..sure it does. read a book.

"The reason we don't have these kinds of posts at what you call a gestapo forum is because ours is the only one without these threats and warnings, where people have to take responsibility for and protect THEMSELVES!, therefore people know how they will be treated...they know they will have absolute freedom to say whatever they want...AND accept the responsibility of hearing the same. We never threaten anyone...they leave on their OWN...of course, they create excuses to leave...and that is their last favor to us."

NO, on your forum, YOU are the gestapo and if anyone says something that doesn't agree with you, you call them names, were the one slandering and sliming Joseph, Roux, Eden Naby, Richard Frye...Tiglath and anyone you felt the need were never "warned" were never interfered with....when you persisted you STILL were allowed to have your say, as much as you wanted..the ONLY thing that happened was that I decided to give you as good as YOU were dishing out..and, guess what? You immediately felt "insulted" and took YOURSELF were gaily insulting people who were NOT there to defend themselves...and when YOU got a good dose of the same, even though it was done to your FACE and you had every chance to defend YOURSELF ran. YOU ran.

and threaten to beat them up. That's why there's no one left on your forum but YOU. I said...we made a POINT of getting rid of people like you, not by curtailing their right to free speech but by expressing our own rights to the stuff....people are reading, that's what's important.

Follow your own advice and give the people the freedom to express themselves, just as YOU are asking to be allowed to express yourself FREELY !

"...I stop no one...YOU just expressed yourself..what you mean is that I should make it easier and gentler for the MILITIA OF ASSYRIA to take to the field..I should hurl cream puffs at them and not hot ammunition...this is exactly how we got the heroes we have now...and how you became their commander."

You don't have to hurl cream puffs or hot amunition. You don't have to do anything but express yourself, without all the extra threats and insults you add in.

...I don't take direction from you. You were abusive enough when it was someone else's forum.

You cannot ask something of others without being able to ask it of yourself, FIRST.

"...I express myself, freely...anyone else here can do the same."

But they aren't able to express themselves FREELY, because you are standing guard 24 hours per day, and ready to BRAIN them every time they open their mouths.

...then what kind of MILITIA will they make? What kind of a nation" are they?

"My writing here does not stop other people from just "offends" them so they run away...or cry to you"

No, your writing doesn't stop anyone, but your insults do. People DON'T have to take it DAY after DAY. It gets old and why should they have to put up with it?

...they do not have to READ! You said so yourself...being free, in a free and open democracy means you have is YOUR responsibilty to CHOOSE...YOU choose what your children watch, you do NOT demand that the government do it for you! a free democracy we have nudist beaches..if you don't LIKE nudism in public do not go there...or do not OPEN a post with is YOUR responsibility to make YOUR choice...what you have are crybabies who do not WANT someone they disagree with to have the CHOICE to write as he pleases...all you see of my posts is a TITLE...if you don't open it that is ALL you will see...but to READ and THEN cry that you are insulted is the act of a spoiled BRAT..who wants to CONTROL what others can do or say in the privacy of their OWN POSTS...

....get OFF my back!!!


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