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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, July 16 2007, 23:53:25 (CEST)
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when you all...and we all...recognize what has been staring us in the face for decades but which we couldn't see, namely that no one "took" anything from "Assyrians" they didn't willingly drop and run from...we'll lay to rest the idea that you were all chased out in fear for your least by proof of which there arer STILL Christians and Christianity in the MidEast...where there was never a Holocaust aimed at Jews OR Christians.

The people there NOW are living in real fear for their lives..but you are not and never were...not unless you engaged in sedition, which is illegal and will get you in trouble with the suthorities everywhere in the world, from Iraq to America. And you people...who ran out when there was no war and no Americans starving your children to death, now want the few remaining and cowering Christians to STAY THERE to make that "presence" YOU didn't dare "maintain"..and more than that, you want and need "martyrs", though you'll never admit it...and so you call on those poor people to ARM THEMSELVES and NOT ACCEPT aid from a "traitor" like Aghajan but instead wait for true "Assyrian Money"...ten cents of it, from Aprim and Jassim and the rest of you.

It never took Muslim "aggression" or "hatred" were not unwelcome because of your religion..but because of what you DID in the name of that religion and for your Western co-religionists...and continue to do, which is nothing more than lie for Western Christianity in its next Holocaust against Islam and Muslims.

When Screws-Loose Shlimoon and people like him and Aprim and Jassim show themselves to be so damn cowardly that they run and refuse to engage in WORDS and IDEAS unless you "stop attacking us and insulting us" etc...then you know you're dealing with crybabies, chickenshits and just plain cowards...and THESE people talk on the internet, for every Muslim in Iraq and elsewhere to read, that they want a MILITIA and it's time to ARM CHRISTIANS.

That is a crime...a crime against the very people they've been claiming to care about....because you KNOW the people calling for such a thing would NEVER join a Militia under such hostile conditions where they would face much more than words and insults.


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