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=> some more thoughts on this issue

some more thoughts on this issue
Posted by Matay (Guest) - Friday, April 27 2007, 11:52:33 (CEST)
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Hello Fred,

Now i see it. You continue open eyes! :-)

I have included my other responses to you and dr Joseph beneath:

Fred said:

...what happened to the Sumerians then..the Hurrians..the Hittites, the is it that only the Assyrians survived, more or less intact?

> I agree with you. Why only assyrians or arameans
> ( as Dr Joseph present it) survived? The kurds
> link their history to the ancient Medes. Many
> scholars doubt this, but i will not go and refute
> ( if i were capable, which I am not) this. The
> babylonians survived, the Phoencians, the
> Egyptians etc. The Arab speaking population
> probably have all of these in them. Unfortunately
> their islamic religion ( or those who abuse this
> religion to keep the rest deaf and blind) have
> not opened their hearts for their rich history. I
> am sure this will happen in the future. There are
> islamic assyrian in the place were I am born.
> THey are called Mhalmaye. A few centuries ago
> they choose to become moslims, but there have
> been almost no demographic change in this area.
> They even acknowledge this fact too. And these
> muslim assyrians are a few hundreds of thousands
> right now. They refuse to call themselves kurds
> nor arabs and they hardly speak turkish. They
> speak arabic, the language of their religion.

> I just came back from a lecture on ancient
> mesopotamia. Organized by Mesa Jajan together
> with two professors in assyriology in Leiden
> university. ( see the flyer of the lecture:
> ) and
> Prof. Van Soldt explained the audiance how the
> assyrians continued to live their lives after the
> fall of nineveh. They just did what they always
> did. He showed an image of the rebuilt Ashur
> Temple in the Parthian period in the 2nd century
> A.D. (!!). He explained how they they, like the
> rest of the peoples slowly changed their religion
> into christian and later islam and that the
> todays syriac christians have all the right to
> call themselves Assyrians, because they were the
> same people who lived there when these rebuilded
> Ashur temples were used to pray to Ashur and
> Ishtar. They spoke the same language and had the
> same culture. Some became christian and others
> followed later and some others became islamic
> later on.
> I will show you that image of that temple, he
> will e mail it to me. Why only arameans survived
> Fred? I have nothing against them. They live,
> they still live and they are a part of us too.
> But, why not the assyrians as well? King
> Sinacherib/Sanharib was partly aramean. Dr Joseph
> is partly assyrian too, like King Sinacherib.

>We should ask ourselves: are the turks, kurds,
> arabs, germans, swedes,.... all ethnically the ancient peoples ( >mongols-turks, median-kurds,
>pure-arab nomads, germanic tribes, viking-swedes e.a. ) what
> they claim to be? or are they for just 10% of
> what their name indicates?

>who is
> laughing at them, these swedes, arabs, kurds, turks, germans e.a.? Nobody! Who >is denying them
> what they claim? nobody. Then why would we be
> laughed at when we claim to be Assyrians, while having lived
> in Assyria for thousands of years and speaking
> the language that was spoken by the assyrians.

> This is so silly, man.
> Who laughs at blue-eyed jews who have no
> israeli-judean names anymore, who have lived for
> centuries in Europe, intermarried several times
> throughout several generations with europeans,
> but claim israel to be their nation?
> Why does everybody accepts a pakistani to be
> completely british when he has lived for two
> centuries in England, does not speak pakistani
> language anymore, totally assimilated in the
> culture, converted christian, but still bearing
> the name `Khan` or any other pakistani name. However,
> we have been living for thousands of years in
> Assyria, speaking the language of the assyrians,
> are of the same semitic root and have their
> culture and claim to be assyrians....but
> according to Prof. Joseph and other semitic
> scholars we do not have the same right as the
> above mentionned peoples to claim what we are.
> :-)
> The language of the south-african white people is
> actually a dutch dialect and belongs to the dutch
> language. But it is called by everyone and also
> tolerated by scholars to be called `Afrikaans` (
> i.e. African). Every dutch person understands
> them completely in holland! But the assyrians of
> today are not allowed to call their language
> `assyrian`.
> Why is the language of the people in the
> Netherlands accepted to be called `Nederlands` (
> i.e. dutch), when it was called `Diets` a few
> centuries ago when it was then simply a german (
> `deutsch-landī) dialect. Simply because there is
> country that bears this name Netherlands. If we
> had a state called Assyria, nobody would even
> think of denying our ethnic assyrian identity or laughing at us calling our language
> Assyrian.
> I find it almost ridiculous.
> What is your opinion ?

> Matay


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