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the humor of it all....
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, May 16 2007, 22:32:26 (CEST)
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...the boys believe if the world only knows about them, their suffering, their trials and travails, the world will jump to set things right...if the world can deal with sixty murdered Iraqis a day for over four years now, plus five thousand murdered Iraqi children a month for 13 years before that, if the world goes on its merry way while a nation and its people are most cruelly attacked and violated...if the world is this indifferent to suffering...why the hell would such a world care for a looted Assyrian village...or one or two or even one thousand murdered Christians?

This world is now looking to Kurdistan, not anyone`s traingle or plains, for some sign of the world can feelgoodabout what it did to Iraq...the last thing the world now wants is to nurse some Assyrians.

The humor of it all...the boys thought they`d benefit from the destruction of Iraq...saw a "golden opportunity" in it for them...they relished every bit of news about Muslim suffering...except that the suffering of all Iraqis far outstripped whatever the Christians their hopes have all been dashed...all that`s left for them to "hope" for is that the Kurds will get pissed enough at Aprim and his handlers that they`ll take it out on the miserable Christians trying to survive in Kurdistan...maybe these few survivors can be made to Aprim can tell the world...and the world will "do something".

How`s that for "stratergy"?


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