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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, July 20 2007, 5:58:10 (CEST)
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That is EXACTLY right Alan, and that's why we are here, and why I started this website, not to BOAST and BRAG were quick enough to tell us how Zack praised had no bearing on the issue at all...just your chance to brag and boast.

about our knowledge, have FEELINGS...hardly any knowledge.

not to PROVE something to the world, not to ASK FOR PROOF about our identity. We KNOW who we are and if some two-bit "hysterians" dropped out of college and turned "Historians" all of a sudden, and think they can manipulate us or call us names if we don't submit to their tactics, they are in the wrong place.

...I dropped out in the third grade. My tactic is to said yourself no one has to read...take your own advice. don't have to submit to anything...just questions...and only if you choose to. Let me remind you how you yelled at and berrated people on other forums just a short while ago...yet now you cast yourself as the NEW can't even stay true to yourself.

I am not the one who started all this mumbo jumbo about WHO WE ARE. I never DEFAMED anyone, or PERSONALLY attacked their character, or called them FILTHY names. I just diagreed with their thesis, which I AM ENTITLED TO. slandered, libelled and defamed Dr Joseph, crapping all over his book and WROTE on our forum that Dr Eden Naby did not earn her doctorate herself, that her husband, Dr Richard Frye got it for defamed, not one, but two highly respected people in our community...people recognized by their peers etc...people who earn their income through their profession and are not amateur are an accountant cum amateur...remember your place.

Dr Richard Frye is the recognized expert on Persian do you DARE open your mouth to say " I KNOW" he did something so dishonest, and illegal as well, by "getting his wife a doctorate degree she did not earn???,,,the same way you justfiy everything..."I KNOW".

And, when I asked you tell us HOW you said what you say said you didn't NEED to say where you got the information...most likely because you made it suit your envy.

ANYONE wanting "proof" of our identity can go and FETCH it themselves, without wasting our time!

..not so. I place my sources and facts here for MY need do the same for YOUR is not MY position that you are is yours. My position, which I must explain and defend and give sources for, is that you are NOT....I do my work...why don't you do yours..why must I do my work AND yours?

ANYONE wanting "proof" of my Bachelor's degree in Sociology can call or write the graduate school at CSU Stanislaus. I don't think they let you in graduate school ANYWHERE in the world (except in the world of HYSTERIANS) without a Bachelor's degree!

...congratulations...but I bet you don't tell your mentor the kinds of things you say here...I bet you don't write on your dissertation.."here is what I KNOW..go find the sources YOURSELF"! of course not...for he or she will be WHITE, and will throw you out on your ear if you behave as you do for us dare not carry on like this with him...but you treat US to this kind of disrespect...allowing yourself to smear people and ruin reputations without showing one shred of evidence to back up such outrageous claims, because YOU have a wild hair.

Let's get back to the issues at hand! WHAT we can do for our people back home, and for our people here in the Diaspora, and how we can be prepared for our future. can do NOTHING for them except get them YOU got out. Go and make a "presence" there if you want one...stop insisting that other people get killed for your "presence" could also stop paying to have bombs sent to kill them.

...If you remove this answer, I promise you you will see things written about yourself far worse and far more accurate than anything you wrote about Eden Naby...try me. I realize you don't like being reminded of what you are and what you have are now the "new" Maggie...but I see the old one right underneath the veneer.

...stop deleting posts.


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