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those frightened police....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, October 16 2017, 18:55:12 (UTC)
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...this has become the excuse of choice and not just for police. It is just taken for granted that white people have every reason to be afraid of Blacks...and that fear stems from racism and nothing else.

If anyone, I mean anyone, has a reason to be afraid of anyone it is Black people and their well-founded fear of the same people who enslaved and raped them and lynched them etc.....not white people.

Whites have interpreted the 2nd Amendment as their last defense against a system which has empowered and emboldened Blacks, at least that's the way they interpret equal rights. Without a great deal of residual fear in Blacks, with no vivid memories of lynchings and reminders in the form of those confederate statues which "commemorate" a "way of life" which meant death and worse for Blacks, whites feel even more NOTHING will keep Blacks from the revenge they so richly have earned at the hand of whites...and so whites are armed to the teeth and just itching to shoot a Black man or kid...and they feel the police are protecting them when they kill Blacks, no matter how questionable their actions.

If anyone needs self-defense in the form of weapons it is Blacks, not whites. Yet even though one can legally carry concealed weapons, it is instant death for a Black man to do so. Instead of his gun being used to defend himself with against whites, it becomes the best "proof" of the FEAR whites feel, "Look,he's armed, why WOULD he be???" Black man was recently shot and killed when it was discovered that he had a concealed hand gun AND a license to carry it...never mind. The white cop saw a Black man with a gun and he felt FEAR...a fear born of racism, nothing less.

A Black man can't even think of having a gun to protect himself with...only whites can safely carry guns...and the more of them who feel the need, the more their "fear" is reinforced, in their own eyes, and so the more likely they are to shoot and the LESS likely is it that a Black man will carry a gun for self-defense...because a legally armed Black man is still a white person's greatest fear...because deep down he KNOWS he deserves a good thrashing for what he continues to do to Blacks.


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