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truly, a gift
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Friday, July 13 2007, 21:28:29 (CEST)
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Dear All,

Due to my work load I am not able to monitor this forum 24/7, so our webmaster George and myself decided to bring in our friend Fred Aprim to jin our BethSuryoyo team as a moderator along with myself, this way we can have a better coverage.

As to some individuals who have been attacking others on this forum, I kindly request that they refrain from such personal attacks. If they don't have any proof to backup their claims, then they will be deleted.

On the other hand to make the field level for all, anyone personally attacking another person should post under his real name, and backup his claims with proofs, otherwise his post will be automatically deleted.

Ahouno Fred, on behalf of George and myself, welcome to BethSuryoyo Team.


Hanna Hajjar

...Fred Aprim is going to "moderate" people ATTACKING. I have nere seen so many who collectively feel so attacked and put upon.


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