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=> two stabbed dead in Portland

two stabbed dead in Portland
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Sunday, May 28 2017, 23:52:02 (UTC)
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Website title: someone said..."I live with violence in the United want me to worry about ISIS"? Neo-cons are constantly blocking any attempt to get guns out of the hands of nutjobs in America....what do we expect will happen on our streets?

...the white man, last name of Christian....didn't stab the Muslim women he was yelling, he went insane at the sight of three white men speaking up FOR the Muslims! That was when he flipped and killed two of them.

...Racists hate Blacks well enough...but what really drives them crazy is when white people, with the same color skin as they, don't join in and, what is worst of all, actually speak up in defense of the objects of racist hatred.

...we've all heard the accusation of "Nigger lover"....I've been called a "Muslim lover" and a while back there was "Jew lover"....when you condemn racist whites, and you're also white, it shows them that they are a minority, that they aren't convincing anyone, and that white people will stand against them...they feel racially BETRAYED and YOU become their main focus of hatred and violence.

..I wonder? Will the press do as they usually do and refer to this man by his last name? You know, like..."Today Cosby will be in court".....or "Women accuse Cosby of rape"....or, will they call him by his first name just so they don;t have to write..."Christian kills two innocent men"......hmmmmmm I wonder?


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