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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Monday, April 23 2007, 3:12:49 (CEST)
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...After Cho shot up the students, a copy cat wannabe apparently wrote a paper for his college class in which he said he felt like killing people....and the police arrested him. Will this be a first amendment, freedom of speech, issue or a normal escalation of the war on terror bullshit and pre-emptive "security"? You can get arrested at airports for joking around...but should you be open to arrest for expressing ideas at a college?

...And if it's bad to say such things, even in an essay or poem...when you aren't a professional essayist or poet...why can you package them as entertainment...just because you make money off ticket sales????

We have neglected childhood education and character...and have just compounded our errors by allowing Christian madrassas federal money to teach their abominable "morals" to more and more children...who will get nothing "liberal" but everything conservative.

What if we find that ice cream can set some people to killing...will we outlaw ice cream for the sake of our "security"? Once you go down this road..the road of paying attention only to wealth..and then super-wealth, you can't help but neglect those who have none and have no power either...the children.

Cho's murders pale beside what the United States is still doing in Iraq...and would like to do in Iran and elsewhere.

There is no security in the security measures this kind of government advocates...and Maggie has a hard time staying on her knees.


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