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why DID a Christian kill....?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, October 5 2017, 0:59:38 (UTC)
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Website title:'s incredible, almost. The media is full of speculation and questions, "why did this wealthy white Christian go on a killing spree against innocent people"? Every few hours they ask another top law officer..."any idea what his motivation was?...and as yet there is no answer...they just can't figure it out.

They went through the same song and dance with the white Christian pilot who took 100 innocent people with him..."why would he do such a thing"? In that case they thought he might have been "depressed" because he had an argument with a girlfriend....but seriously? You want to know WHY this guy in Vegas did what he did?'re looking for REASON, for an explanation?

It's right there in front of us...he was INSANE! Where's the mystery? And what COULD be a reason?

But, in the case of a Muslim murderer they NEVER ask "why"?...have no interest....they merely say it was Islam and let it go at that...when if anyone has a REASON for such acts, it is the Muslim, not the rich white's the Muslim who's had his country invaded for years and his people killed...and his religion may not LIKE his reasons, but at least he HAS them, and they're plausible....but this Vegas seriously want reasons?


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