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you were in on the beginning...
Posted by pancho (Guest) - Thursday, June 28 2007, 20:02:45 (CEST)
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Website title: are witness to how these things are how Jews can be dehumanized through a concerted campaign run by Christians over the point where the world can turn a blind eye to the murder of millions of them...because people came to believe the bullshit as truth.

Same is happening with Islam now...Christians, mostly the white Euro kind, with the Americans in hot pursuit...are buying up media outlets in order to, among other self-serving things, conduct a campaign of lies and villification...this time it won`t take a thousand yesrs..this is the age of mass communication...the distorted and hateful word will get out there much faster..and this time the Christians have managed to actually radicalize Muslims through years of abuse to the point where an increasing number are fighting back..but this effort to protect themselves and lash out at their persecutors is also being fashioned into proof that Muslims are "violent" and bent on "murdering Christians because they hate their religion"...when it was and is Christians who last murdered an entire people just for their religion...and who are back now to start up their machinery again.

Will you buy it?


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