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It`s Just A Religion
Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 3:33:51 (CEST)
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Asstians say it`s just a religion...that being Christian in no way changes an Assyrian. They go further and say that in today`s world being Christian makes you even MORE of an Assyrian…by which I suppose they mean it keeps you from being Muslim…and we know how much these Christians hate Muslim Assyrians…ever since they converted to Islam and created yet another magnificent culture…while the boys ran barefoot to China.

But the issue of religion does indeed impact national identity and loyalty. The Kings and Princes of Europe found that out the hard way. They couldn`t help but notice their subjects lived more in dread of Rome and the pope`s threat of excommunication than they did of the terrors a king could visit on them in this life. In other ways too…like in wealth and allegence, whenever the pope placed a king under edict meaning anyone would be blessed if they killed him…and his subjects were released from their loyalty oaths…all of these tricks and impositions helped bring about the Protestant Reformation…and no sooner had they thrown off the yoke of Rome than they fell right in to burning heretics themselves…I tell you, this stuff makes people insane.

In the case of Assyrians who switched to a Jew-based religion…one that goes so far as to attack their own ancestry and Heritage with their loving approval…it can`t possibly be “just” a religion. We aren`t talking about Buddhism or Shinto…we`re talking about a Hebrew bible that calls us every name imagineable..with our blessings…because we`re NOT THOSE people any longer! We`re the first ones to deny the connection…we`re the first to turn our backs and slander our ancestry…and we do it for the sake of a religion…so it isn`t true that you can be of any religion and be Assyrian. That is you can be any religion you want…after Ashur…EXCEPT the one religion of them all that has such a lying, bloody book that makes US out to be the savages.

There`s too much of contradiction in being loyal to Rome, or to any Christian church and being Assyrian..I mean REALLY Assyrian…where the things you do and say promote a Heritage that has NOTHING to do with a Jew..I don`t care how nice the Jew. Because to switch at all screams loud and clear that there was something terribly wrong with Ashur when Yahwe was the sick Fuck all along.


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