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Posted by parhad (Guest) - Friday, May 28 2004, 14:34:18 (CEST)
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I wonder if the futile battles between the United States and this cleric fellow don`t serve an unintended..or maybe intended, purpose of strengthening his hand for later...later when the "extremists" can be blamed for everything that goes wrong in Iraq...that is SUPPOSED to go wrong. Remember it was learned much later that Israel armed Hammas...or Jihad...or one of them.

If anything is clear it`s that Israel never wanted peace...that with peace there`d be no excuse to expand...and the United States never wanted stability and independence and open free markets in Latin wanted the kinds of thugs who`d Disappear any and all threats to its hegemony...

The last thing American corporate interests want is matter what they say in textbooks. The MidEast is to remain a firehole for as long as oil can be extracted at America`s price...and we the people are to be made fearful, distrustful and hatred towards any and all Muslims...not just for oil and war but for Jesus know, the Crusades, when theives wore Christ`s cross the better to go steal and murder and the Romans figured out.

The best way to achieve Bush`s goals..which are not being "mistakenly" or "stupidly" attempted but spot-balls-on, is to create the equivalent of the PLO or those Mad Mullahs of Iran, in Iraq. That`s what they went to do and that`s what they`ve achieved..rather well. There is relief in the White House, I am certain, that SOMEONE...but especially a Cleric, thank taking on the United States.

They won`t "subdue" him...are you kidding, that`s the LAST thing they want. They worked THIS hard to find him! Instead they`ll fight him into a formidable power broker whose followers as well as he will believe THEY fought the "good fight" and now want due respect and consideration...or else. These guys are getting bold...learning useful tactics and getting the feeling that they stared down the greatest military power ever seen. Nothing..and I mean NOTHING could suit Bush`s policy in Iraq more. And, regretably some American kids had to die, but then war is hell...ask Aprim.

Iraq already was building and already was the envy of the already was a challenge to Israel`s monopoly on nuclear reactors and maybe one day weapons as well...Iraq was already advanced in its treatment of women, in its secularism..Saddam was fighting to keep these Clerics in the mosques and out of politics..certainly away from rocket propelled grenade launchers the United States all but put in their hands.

Now the MidEast has yet another "Terror" group...made in the U.S.A...where all this Terror and abuse and violence has emanated from for the last 50 years at least.

No one wants to "attack" the United States..and no one did....not in Vietnam and not in is the American Millitary/Industrial and CORPORATE machine that`s been attacking and to deflect attention from its own pre-emptive violence and greed they`ve CREATED enemies where and as sell the American public on the notion that they`re under attack from everyone on earth and Mars too one day...from people who have no desire to raise families and attend weddings and retire with their children around them..but instead are believers in a religion which DEMANDS they go and kill innocent people..because they are "envious". What the hell does the United States have for people to be envious over? Leave the rest of the world alone..stop exporting terror and training and empowering dictators and see if people the world over wouldn`t rather remain and work for and in their own countries.

But then who`ll prop up the United States`economy...who`ll clean the streets of shit...white people?


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