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bombs in Manchester....and in Afghanistan...and....
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, May 23 2017, 15:53:03 (UTC)
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...every word of outrage and sorrow expressed by the parents of those killed in Manchester only remind me of the thousands more killed by our bombs...we must lack human empathy if we can't realize that those Darkie parents feel the same way we do now....but we don't really consider them as people, equal to, we are "exceptional", so our loses are like no other...and that's the reason this will never stop....because we are at fault...we decided to attack those countries and bomb their children to why would they stop? After all, they have the better was we who bombed them first, not the other way around.

If we don't begin to recognize the humanity in Darkies, see it as the same as our own, we'll continue to think that killing THEIR innocent children is nothing at all like them killing ours...their acts of retaliation will be seen as "weird", as "way out of proportion" and hence somehow monstrous while we have "good intentions" behind our barbarity which should, we think, excuse all the horro we inflict on innocent people...and children.

Let's not forget that our own Secretary of State under Clinton, Albright, said it was an ok POLICY to impose Sanctions on Iraq even if they made Saddam stronger among his own people, even though it resulted in 5000 dead Iraqi babies a WEEK!

What "policy" of Iraq's or Afghanistan's was put forth as "worth it" if it resulted in 5000 dead white babies? When did any Ottoman official make such a statement?

The simple truth, despite Hitchens' Oxbridge accent, is that we started all of this...and what is happening now is our own chickens coming home to long as we don't own up to our part in starting this war on people, we will suffer more such attacks and our lives become ever more constricted and filled with fear and truth, we attacked OURSELVES more, in the long run, than we attacked anyone else.....Hitler began as the savior of his people and wound up doing more harm to them than any enemy ever had...same will happen to us.


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