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The Assyrian guy who killed his Australian ex girlfriend
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, January 7 2009, 3:18:42 (CET)
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It is an older story which occured back in 2001. Zinda reported the story when it happened and I am just going to post a part of the article.

"(ZNDA: Sydney) Sargon Younan, an Assyrian from Sydney-Australia, who last year beat his former girlfriend to death and left a note beside her falsely blaming Muslims for the attack was jailed on September 28 for 19 years. He will serve a minimum term of 16 years. Justice Philip Cummins in the Supreme Court said Sargon Younan, then 26, left the note beside 18-year-old Victoria Skidmore as she lay dying in the Doncaster Shopping Town car park. On August 22 last year, Ms Skidmore was betrayed by an old school friend, Mirielle Talj, now 20, who lured her to the car park with the promise of sharing some heroin. Younan had earlier discussed the beating with Talj after Ms Skidmore ended her relationship with him. Younan's brother Michael, 19, was also present during the attack. Justice Cummins said the Younans followed Talj and Ms Skidmore to the car park in a separate vehicle."

"Once there, Sargon Younan attacked Ms Skidmore with a wooden shovel handle and left her dying in a pool of blood on the concrete floor."

"To avoid detection, he left the note, which said: "This is payback for insulting the Muslim religion and holy Koran. Allah Akbar. Also for the drug money you owed us."

As one can see, this individual thought it be easy to blame Muslims and it he must have assumed that Muslims are as low class as he is or as the ones he has only known in Kurdistand or Iraq. So, he killed his ex girlfriend, wrote a note, and hoped he could have Muslims blamed instead. I know our nationalist jump when they hear of an "Assyrian" woman that was supposedly killed and go on to blame all Kurds or Arabs. There is to this day no evidence that "Assyrians" are deliberetly targeted and that there are people out there trying to rape their women. There are Kurdish women that have been raped, Arab women and all kinds of women. There have been cases where Assyrians raped other women such as American girls and I know of an incident in Chicago. While they have no problem demonizing an entire ethnic group, they do not want the same done to them.

Take this example. America, a Christian majority nation, invaded Iraq, has killed hudnreds of thousands of Muslims, and there are Christians who live in Iraq. If every Iraqi was evil or wanted to blame all Christians, they could easily go and attack every Christian in Iraq, and some of the Christians in Iraq rejoice over the deaths of Muslims, be they old or young. There are so many cases of honor killings, and we are expected to hate every kurd because of one tragedy. If everyone used this type of Christian logic, we would be in a world of trouble. There are bad apples everywhere and the Kurds have them too. Sure, I am not going to doubt that there are racist people among Kurds just as there are among any group, but I still must take of my hat to the Kurds for having allowed the minorities there to live, participate, open schools and even have their leaders in the parliament. I am positive that Kurds or Turks would not have the same rights in Fred Aprim's "Assyria".

It's strange indeed that it is only a tragedy when an Assyrian is killed by a Kurd, Arab, or anyone who is supposed to be Muslim, but it is only an accident or "bad things happen" when it is a non-Muslim who did it. There are Assyrian girls who have married American guys who were not even Christians, but no one says anything. If a girl marries a Muslim, they have no problem going after her and killing her but they want to pretend that it is a tragedy when an Assyrian girl is killed by a so called Muslim. Another example is Fouad Deniz, and how they were hoping and assuming it was a Turk who killed him but they were wrong. The Patriarch of the church of the east was killed by his own family members because of his close ties with the Ottoman Turks, and he was replaced by one who would be willing to bend over for Russian, Armenian and other's interests. It is something with these people and their hatred for Muslims. To me this is just pure evil and I don't see Christianity having made them good people but rather bigots and hatemongers. It is also fair to point out that the people that these nationalists label as "Moslems" are in all cases always non practicing and ignorant Muslims.

If I were still a nationalist, who hated Muslims and painted them all with one brush, I would likely assume the same, but having been a Muslim for 4 years now and practicing for almost 2 years, I know for certain that no real Muslim would rape any woman Asssyrian or whatever. We don't even shake hands with women out of respect or stare at them, let alone go have sex with one outside of marriage. These nationalists can only fool themselves and idiots that follow that kind of mentality. I can go on and on about Christians committing rape and other atrocities and I am not talking about non-practicing Christians but even pastors and priests. We see that Catch a predator show on Msnbc and there are youth ministers, pastors and other Christians on there being caught looking for sex with minors and on top of that outside of marriage. Our nationalists are absurd with their claims and this has always been one of the problems they had with me. I was banned for this sort of stuff on their forums because I would point out their bogus claims.


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